Virgin Gold


Virgin Gold sunflower cooking oil is 100% extra virgin sunflower oil naturalized by steaming .It is chemical free, unadulterated, untainted, untarnished and imaculate oil with no additives.

It is produced and packed by Ngetta Tropical Holdings. Virgin Gold oil is packed in different sizes ranging from One liter, Three liters, Five liters, Ten liters and Twenty Liters and can be got in super markets, shops in all areas of Uganda and beyond.

Virgin Gold makes you fall in love with your favorite meal. It is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Cook your way to good health and be part of a healthy population by using the Virgin Gold oil.


  • Contains Sterols and Stanols responsible for lowering Cholestral levels.
  • The absence of unhealthy trans-fatty acids makes Virgin Gold cooking oil Most Heart friendly oils.
  • Chorestrol free.
  • Has no chemicals or any additives.

How Its Made.

  • Oil extracted through mechanical means
  • Naturalized by Steaming.
  • Purified under moderate temperatures.
  • No chemicals used.
  • Purified through a33 filter mechanical Press

 Instruction for Use.

  • Pour Oil in a hot Pan, heat for two (2) minutes.
  • The natural sun flower scent will evaporate; this is a unique signature identifier for virgin gold.
  • Use It For Frying, Deep Frying and Baking Purposes.

    20 Liter Jerrycan                                     5 Liter Jerrycan                         1 & 3 Liter Jerrycan