NTH CEO Paul Omara tips students on success.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ngetta Tropical Holdings Paul Omara has asked students to anchor their success on three key pillars which are; hard work, being focused and setting goals because nothing moves without those three.

In his key note address while officiating at the academic awards ceremony of Doctor Obote College Boroboro on Saturday 15th June 2019 relating to his journey towards being a successful banker Paul Omara told the students that achieving set goals does not necessary rely on the background someone is coming from but rather on being focused and determined.

According to Omara for someone to be successful he/she should anchor it on three key pillars namely; hard work, being focused and goals setting because nothing moves without setting goals.

Paul Omara i the middle pose for a photo with the students.

As a contribution to his former school, he pledged to support the construction of a modern laboratory which is being done under the auspices of the alumni with Uganda shillings five million.

Here is the Speech.


RUNNING TOWARDS THE GOAL” ( Philippians 3:13-14)

“Brothers I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do, forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead. I press on towards to win the prize for which god has called heaven word in Christ Jesus.”

The theme of today’s function- Running towards the goal, which details are captured in Philipians 3:13-14, encapsulates the intensity of our daily life story and struggles.

The theme also clearly talks about goal setting and working ourselves meticulously to achieve that goal.

Paul the apostle who wrote many books including the book or his letter to the Phillipians recognizes very easily the need to set goal.

From the two verses, we see two clear goals, one when you are here on earth and secondly the attainment of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Both are very important.

When you look back in history, Lango used to be a very proud and respected community. The name Dr. Obote’s college was greatly associated with the heroic struggles of our then president towards a free independent Uganda and eventual development and modernization of new Uganda.

Many schools including Layibi, Lango college, Comboni college, St Mary’s Aboke, st Catherine girls school and Dr Obote’s college amongst others were centres of excellence and many of the students were admitted to Makerere University and other universities and colleges on government sponsored programes.

What was also very peculiar was the great sense of purpose and competitiveness that the students had towards success- in this case excellent academic achievements.

Unfortunately, after undergoing the tumultuous 20years of war, deaths and instability, many of our schools collapsed or were totally degenerated. The discipline and hard work that used to be the cornerstone of our academic prowess, evaporated.

These are struggles that were also experienced by Paul the apostle when he was preaching the word of God on earth. Paul was persecuted for his beliefs but he never lost the passion and will power to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ because he had greater goals of eternal life.

Just like Paul, we must seriously reflect on what has passed by and use it as learning points but we must not forget what has happened and focus on the greater goals ahead of us.

This present generation must set new goals for our communities, families and our nation Uganda, just like our fathers and fore fathers did.

Collective Goals:

  • Well planned and developed Lira city- Engineers
  • Regional hospitals with consultants- More Drs. to consult
  • A regional and national centre of excellence- Lira University of Science and Technology- more professors/ researchers.
  • Agricultural transformation- creating competitive advantage in grains and Agro processing
  • Technology development and connecting- Building up great minds for the future of information and technology
  • Restoring academic excellence of our schools- more first grades.
  • Building up a regional bank- freedom Bank by rebuilding cooperatives and unions

Personal Goals:

  • Entrepreneurship- self skills/ self employment
  • Achieving first grade at O’level and A’level
  • Self discipline and control
  • Avoid acquiring AIDS/HIV
  • Stopping drunkardness
  • Avoid stealing school property
  • Doing your homework and making your bed
  • Being useful and helpful to society
  • Not joining bad groups/ jumping the school fence
  • All these collective and personal goals must be SMART

SMART- Specific



                Time bound.

The country is changing so fast that we must not be seen to be doing a catch up but must lead.

Dr. Obote College Boroboro used to be the center of academic excellence and we must restore it to its glorious past. Many great leaders, engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers are a product of this great school.

For us to move forward to greater success and achievements, we must set goals and dream big. This is within our grip to achieve.

Many OBs of Dr Obote College are willing to support revitalization of the school. We have a strong and committed board that will help us to steer the school to greater heights.

I want to thank the Head master and the teachers for their commitment and dedication to our cause of making Dr Obote College one o the best schools up North again.

I thank you.

Paul Omara

Chief Executive Officer

Ngetta Tropical Holdings

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