As the second season commences, the Management of Ngetta Tropical Holdings informs farmers and the Business community that our superior hybrid sunflower seed , Agsun 8251 will be here at the end of July or at worst start of August.

As you know, this superior cultivar of sunflower planting seeds is known for its high germination rates, huge head (high weight) , tolerance to drought, pest and diseases and takes only three months in the field.

You will only require 1Kg to plant one and half acre which in the end brings for you over 800Kgs per acre or upto 3.5 tons with use of fertilizers in intensive high productivity environments.
We are also pleased to note that the prices for sunflower 🌻 grains have gone up giving big returns to the farmers.

We request all those who missed planting in season one not to despair and the prospective farmers/ businesses who are planning to grow sunflower in season two to visit our factory, make upfront payment and only wait to pick their seeds for planting inorder to maximize the second rains as the consignment of stock coming is very limited.

For more information call us on 0393224829.Or

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