Cooperative Societies Network

Since 2015,the company has already registered some significant milestones including helping to revitalize the cooperative movement which was already on its death bed within the Lango and Acholi sub-regions. Within the ranks of the membership of the cooperatives, there has been noticeable improvement in household incomes and livelihood.

Up to date NTH has so far signed memorandum of understanding with forty five farmer cooperatives in Lango and Acholi sub regions with a network of forty five thousand farmers and is working in close collaboration with them.

Aberdyangoto cooperative Society LimitedKole
Abia cooperative cooperative society Alebtong 
Acan kwo ilwete Cooperative SocietyOtuke
Adwari cooperative Cooperative SocietyOtuke
Agali cooperative Cooperative SocietyLira
Akol united Cooperative SocietyAmolatar
Alango cooperative society Otuke
Alebtong United cooperative societyAlebtong 
Aleka United cooperative societyOyam
Alutkot cooperative societyOyam
Amolatar Farmers cooperative societyAmolatar
Angwetta cooperative cooperative societyOyam
Apit pe nino cooperative SocietyOyam 
Atanga cooperative SocietyPader
Atule Alido /Atal cooperative SocietyKwania
Ayer Joint Youth Farmers CooperativeKole
Bala Young Farmers Cooperative SoceityKole
Bongtiko cooperative Society LimitedPader
Chegere area cooperative societyApac
Dokolo Area Cooperative Enterprise Dokolo
Dokolo West Cooperative Society LimitedDokolo
Ibuje Agro-processing society LimitedApac
Lapul cooperative Society Pader
Loro note enteko CooperativeOyam
Oculukori cooperative Society LimitedAlebtong 
Odoloamido cooperative Cooperative Kwania
Ogor joint cooperative SocietyOtuke
Okwang cooperative society limitedOtuke
Olilim joint cooperative society limitedOtuke
Onywako cooperative society limitedLira 
Opeta united cooperative societyKole
Opur onote coperative soietyAlebtong
Orit cooperative society limitedLira
Orum joint cooperative society limitedOtuke
Owalo cooperative societyAlebtong
Oyam Agro cooperative society limitedOyam
Puranga cooperative societyPader
Temiteki cooperative societyAlebtong 
Wannenoanyim cooperative societyPader
Apala Area Cooperative Enterprise Alebtong