Sunflower Seeds

AGSUN 8251 Sunflower Cultivar

NTH is sourcing AGSUN 8251 directly from the breeder in South Africa. The variety has the following attributes:

  • Seed viability is up to 99% germination.
  • One Kilogram (I Kgs per Acre seed rate) will plant an Acre at a spacing of 75 by 30 Centimeters.
  • High Yielding crop variety between 800 Kgs per acre without Fertilizer and up to 1500-2,500kgs under good agronomic practices or management.
  • Drought tolerant variety and noted to mature and yield with minimum of 11 good rains.
  • Resistant to Pest and Diseases including Leaf rust, Leaf spot and Anthrank nose.
  • High Oil content tested at up to 44%.
  • Maturity period between 90 – 95 Days.
  • Excellent uniformity in seed formation i.e. the grains harvested from a garden will have uniform size.
  • It is a stay green variety i.e. stems remains green even when head is ready for harvest avoiding rotting due to water logging at the back of the head.
  • It weighs up to 86kgs a bag compared to 55kgs for the competition.


  1. Through the cooperatives
  2. Government agencies  and Programs e.g. OWC, VODP, NAADS
  3. Other genuine companies.
  4. Through NGOs and Partners.
  5. Individual Farmers


  • NTH stock and make available Hybrid Sunflower Variety (AGSUN 8251) and other high quality Planting Seeds.
  • Provide field extension services through its field extension staff, Cooperative staff and work with district field extension staff in building the capacity of committed youth engaged in Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Support the establishment of learning centers in the cooperative areas in form of demonstration gardens/sites to aid technology transfer and diffusion.
  • Purchase all the output (sunflower grains) from the Cooperatives.
  • Support the cooperatives to access technical and business development services including financial services through NTH own services and linkages with relevant market players.
  • Work towards establishing a long term mutual beneficial relationship with farmer organizations/cooperatives based on trust and respect.