Sunflower Seeds

The company is currently providing hybrid seeds variety namely Agsun 8251 to the farmers. The variety has proven to be high yielding potential, has early maturity trait and resistant to both draught and diseases than other cultivars

Hybrid characteristics:

  • Highest long-term yield average in the national cultivar trials over a 13 year period.
  • High yield potential hybrid.
  • Compact head shape helps with greater resistance against bird damage.
  • Excellent uniformity.
  • Possesses the “Stay Green” characteristic.

Benefits of the “Stay Green“ characteristics:

  • The Stay Green characteristic supports the plant as a mechanism to ensure better resistance against diseases that causes lodging like white rust (Albugo tragopogonis).
  • The plant stays healthier for a longer period. It also keeps the structure of the stem stronger for a longer period. Usually the head is ready for harvest, but the stem is still green.

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