Our Key Success Stories

1. Training of farmers on sunflower production, financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills, leadership, harvesting and post-harvest handling and bulking. This will go a long way in ensuring that we create knowledgeable farmers across geographies who understand the basics of production, seasonality, budgeting, quality assurance etc for better planning and crop yields and marketing now and in the future.

2. Opening up of Loro farm as a Demonstration Farm This will be for various crop production, namely sunflower varieties, soya beans, groundnuts, sesame, cassava, rice and maize as demo for farmers groups training and learning during visitation and as a stakeholder reference point. This also will include the development of the out-growership model.

3. Providing hybrid certified seeds to various farmers groups in the region especially those developed and supported by NTH. We provide hybrid sunflower seeds Agsun 8251 to farmers across the region.

4. Established agricultural Extension services stuff to support Cooperatives/ farmers groups and out growers.

5. Farmers Groups formations and eventual registration as cooperatives.

6. We have installed a 30 tons processing oil mill and effectively started production.

7. We have developed farmers database management system

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